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The history

"The sea where does the pain is the sea of Posillipo, glaucous sea that takes all the colors, which is adorned with all the beauties." So Matilde Serao in its Legends Napoletane describes the landscape that unfolds from the terrace town of Naples, Posillipo in fact. Naples - the capital of the Campania region - is famous worldwide for the beauty of its bay, between the sea and Mount Vesuvius, for the endless reminders of its historic past, its cultural heritage and human. According to the ancient Greek and Roman historians, the birth of the city would be connected to the legend of the demigod marina, the nymph Parthenope, who committed suicide for not being able, in song, to bewitch Ulysses. And Naples is indeed a fascinating city: sea and sky seem to blend into the same shades of blue, while Vesuvius stands almost as a benign presence, facing the islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, which profiles the horizon . But Naples is not just cards, it is much more, it's culture, it's history, tradition, literature and music is enough to think of ways of Salvatore Di Giacomo, or the theater of Eduardo De Filippo, the rich repertoire of Neapolitan songs. It is also smile with which the Neapolitans have faced the miseries of the past and continue to deal with them in the present, a smile for everyone: what continue to inspire the beats of Toto. The best way to know Naples is to go into the streets, to discover the colors, annusarne the smells, hear the sounds and marvel at the treasures it contains. Along Spaccanapoli, which bisects the city, meet old churches and historic buildings. You can visit many museums (The National Archaeological Museum, Capodimonte, the Certosa di San Martino and others), you can take a step back in time by visiting the Royal Palace, where they have come and gone Angevin, Aragonese, Bourbons and Savoy. You can walk on the waterfront of Mergellina or you can hop on the ferry and sail to the islands and enjoy the overview of the city that slowly recedes. The local cuisine is simple but rich in flavor: pasta, pizza, mozzarella, fresh fish and a multitude of desserts, from pastiera to baba, to struffoli, the zeppole. And finally, to take home a souvenir of Naples there is plenty of choice. The craftsmanship of Naples is famous for its centuries-old tradition of porcelain, for the cameos and corals, gloves, statues for the crib of the artists of San Gregorio Armeno.   

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